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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

♥ End of 2011 Start of 2012

It's been really long since the last time I post an entry to my lousy blog.

Let's start from Christmas. Christmas 2011 is not that interesting as we didn't do anything special or so. We did go out to 112 Katong Mall for dinner on the eve and had sukiyaki. Later, we then go to Marina Bay Sands to shop for my Christmas present and my dear's Christmas present at Louis Vuitton. I got a multi-color monogram zippy coin wallet and dear got a belt. We walked around snap some pictures and then went home. On the 25th we did nothing much. We went back to Marina Bay Sands to exchange my wallet as the zip handle came off. Later, went for expensive lunch and went home. Hmmm... Later, we had dinner at friend's house cooked by a future chef who is the host of the dinner. Dinner was good.

As for New Year's eve, I got dressed up and went to 112 Katong Mall to wait my dear end work and later go Ding Tai Fung to eat. He bought a Mont Blanc pen as it was his last day doing temp job for Cortina. one of the side dish from the restaurant was awesome! The beef slice!! So tender and juicy! Xiao long Bao is okok la. Coz KL got 1 dimsum restaurant's Xiao long Bao taste better and it's a lot cheaper. We also had a dish something like wanton with vinegar. That was nice too! Went home after that.

On New Year day, we went to Suntec City. I forgotten why we went there. To do what? Seriously can't remember. Brain damaged after trying to memorize what I studied in class. I only remembered that we had a great brunch at Seoul Yummy! Their Ginseng chicken soup is awesome! Dear had spicy seafood soup. Their kimchi is refillable. The side dish cold beancurd was nice too but the portion a bit too small. The restaurant is very cozy and has got the theme of autumn. Can see a huge maple tree in the middle of the restaurant. I definitely will go there again. Their set lunch considered affordable. Then we went to Vivo city. I cannot remember why we went there. I only know we had ice-cream at Häägen Daz. Memory getting bad. Seriously bad!!!! Oh yea, I bought a BEBE T-shirt.

Here's some awesome photos.

6:41 PM

Friday, December 2, 2011

♥ 2 December 2011

It's been so long after my last post!

Been really busy with my studies and work. Plus outing with my dear.

Had received our photos frm Lafatte Wedding. Dear uploaded all the photos in his Facebook page. Should I upload in my own Facebook page too? I love all the pictures taken. Will upload some that I especially like here at the end of the post.

Studying and working at the same time really give me some headaches. I can say that I cannot remember the terms and cases properly. That is a taboo to study law. I need to make space in my brain so that I can fit in more studies information. Should have started my assignments before too late! I have about 1 month to finish them up! At least I started to collect newspaper cutting. But it seems that I have totally no idea how to start off. That's very bad you know?

My birthday!! Yea, already passed. Not fun seriously. Passed my birthday in class. Dear prepared a birthday cake for me with 2 big 1 small candle and say I will be forever 21 although it was my 22 birthday. So sweet of him. Another thing is birthday wishes. Thanks to Facebook so that most of the people remember my birthday and sent me regards. Other than that totally moody! Had more disappointment when it comes to food part. How much I love good and nice food and end up not enjoying at all when we went to eat buffet at a restaurant at The Central. Everything need to queue long long. The food is average but expensive for why they had. Oyster, crab and drinks need to wait and queue. Not up to the standard of what we paying for. Definitely won't go there any more. I swear!! Dear was on bad mood too! That made me more sad!

Up till now, I am still emo because I didn't get to enjoy good food yet!!!!

Time to upload my pictures!


5:40 PM

Thursday, November 17, 2011

♥ I am tired?!

Ever since school start, I have been feeling unhappy, stress, tired and miserable for some reason which yet to discovered by me. The lessons aren't too tough right now but I can't absorb much of the things taught by the lecturers. I feel like a useless person somehow when my course mate who aren't in the legal industry able to remember what the lecturer taught.

I don't know how long more these feelings will going to bug me. Maybe it's still the beginning that I feel so and maybe after I am more familiar to my current situation and used to it I will be fine. This is what I hoped ever since then.

I kinda hate myself for feeling insecure most of the time. I felt lost.

I have been trying to cheer up myself in many ways. Reading manga and laugh by myself amused me a lot, that's the way I de-stress myself now. However, it doesn't seem to be working all the time and I need to did more nice an interesting manga so that I can continue to do so.

Wanted to go to sing but don't know when I will have the chance an the right people to sing with. I miss those days during secondary school where we go sing karaoke with my classmates and the 1st time my friend celebrate my birthday with me. I really miss those days. My 1st birthday celebration that planned by my friends.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I don't feel excited at all. Maybe it's because I'm not with my family and friends this year. Oh my god! My tears are over-flowing! I miss them! Trying to control my tears in the train now. I look pathetic now. I'm looking forward to the dinner this Saturday since tomorrow I have to attend class.

Happy Birthday to myself!!

Here's some pictures to cheer up myself and my post.

Picture of my self motivating during the time I was bored in class (I love cute things!)

And there's the hard boiled egg my dear prepare for my Chinese Lunar Birthday. I don't even remember that it was my lunar birthday then till my mummy asked my sis to remind me to at least boil some eggs.

And not to left out, 11.11.11 which will happen only once in a thousand tears. Dear gave me a surprise! I wasn't expecting anything from him and when I received the present, I feel so loved.

End here. I did cheered up a bit till end of this post. See ya!

10:59 PM

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

♥ Update

Long time never update here. School started on Monday and today there will be a make up lecture for yesterday's lecture, Law of Tort. 3 hours lecture, I wonder how am I going to keep myself focus.

Met new friend(s). Erm, or should I say course mate?

Boss back from Australia. He look exactly like my big boss (his father) now after he had a skin head hairstyle 3 months ago.

Less time spent with my lovely baby.. I'm kinda worried that our relationship will get worst. Less communications. I know less about what he has been doing and stuff. My love for him is always there for sure but in return, sometimes he gave me cold shoulders.

Up to now, planning where to go for my birthday. Still thinking..

To be continued. Love

5:43 PM

Thursday, October 13, 2011

♥ Tart

Today, my colleague talk nonsense again. He asked this question all of sudden:

Him: Do you like to eat tarts?
Me: What sort of tarts?
Him: Any tarts like egg tarts?
Me: Chocolate tarts and egg tarts. Why?
Him: Just asking. Are you a tart?
Me: Huh? No?!
Him: Really?
Me: No.
Him: You know what is the meaning of tart or not?
Me: Erm, short form of retard?
Him: *laughs* No, it's T. A .R. T.

I quickly google for dictionary. And found a few definition of the word. Then answer revealed.

Tart is not just the food that we ate. It also mean prostitute or slut and some other synonyms. 1 word has got so many meaning in it which can fool people around. Amazing!

Luckily, I answered NO! Or else I would be a laughing stock for him. He failed to fool me and yet I learned something new. he even taught me that American use tart to describe a prostitute or slut.

I can say that my this colleague is smart. However, he is too lazy and he likes to fool around. So, it's kind of wasted. He is so wasted.

Sometimes, it's good to have someone like him in office. Office won't be full of boredom other than working.


6:21 PM

Monday, October 10, 2011

♥ Holiday at Taiwan

Been out of Singapore for about 10 days. Went to Taiwan for holidays. It was amazing.

My first destination was Taichung. I took leave from Wednesday onwards. Took 2 cab to Changi airport at about 2 in the afternoon, checked in and wait for our flight. Went with my dear dear and his parents. Reach Taoyuan International Airport at about 8.30pm and hired a car to Taichung. Reached there about 11pm and had problem finding our booked hotel. Took another taxi from Taichung locals and found the location however, later found out that our place to stay was at another location where near Fengchia University and night market. It was kind of a homestay without a family. Only us 4 person will be staying there in a shophouse-like apartment. The rooms were comfy but the bathroom was kind of disappointment. When we settled down with our luggage, we went downstairs for food. Fengchia night market opens till 1 midnight! Can you believe it? At 1st, we were worried about our dinner and yet we had them within our doorsteps. At a lot of night market snacks there. I also had stinky preserved beancurd which I have never dream that I would eat them. I had my virgin bite on the stinky beancurd which taste nice in your mouth not around your nose. I really can't believe I ate them. It was really nice!

We stayed in Taichung for the next 3 days for our photoshooting session with La Fatte Wedding. It was a good experience. I didn't do good in the shooting session. I was nervous. I just couldn't smile properly. And the worst thing is I can't smile with my teeth seen. I am not photogenic at all. I need specific angle to look pretty. We went to a flower garden, a motel (famous in Taichung) to take the photos. Spent an additional $700 other than the photo shooting for the entrance fees and etc.

The motel there was nice. Suitable only for couples because there ain't a divider for the shower and toilet bowl. There's a jacuzzi for 2, private swimming pool and a very big dressing mirror. The bed was comfy too! They say the motel is for people who want to have some "privacy" with their lovers. You guys should get what I mean here. I will want to try to stay there for one night. Just one night will do because it's expensive.

After the all day long of photo shooting, we change our accommodation to a better hotel. It was also near Fengchia night market. We settle put dinner there every night. Think of the snacks there made me hungry.

The next day, we went to La Fatte to choose our picture. It was a disappointment as we took 400 over pictures but we only can choose 30 of the 400. It made us emo. All those other pretty pictures need to be discarded. Everything is money and cents when you request for more soft copy of the photos. We spent another day there filtering our photos. After all the trouble, we went to take train to Taipei directly. At 1st, I planned to go Kaohsiung but end up dropping the idea. Took the High Speed Railway to Taipei and change to MRT to Ximen Station. We stayed at Ximending for the remaining days.

We went to Danshui, Jiufen, Taipei 101, Shihlin night market, Longshan Temple and Keelung. Buy and eat all the way.

I also manage to go Modern Toilet cafe and Hello Kitty Sweets cafe. The food there was not bad. Hello Kitty Sweets was good yet expensive.

It was an unforgettable trip. Post some of the photos to share with you guys.

6:43 PM

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

♥ The day before I leave for vacation

Today, been busy with work so that I can finish off my outstanding letters and etc.

Did final research for my trip as well. I'm so proud of myself for planning the itinerary all by myself. At least, I have settled the information for transportation when we reach Taiwan International Airport. No need to feel like a fly not knowing how and where to go. Searched for night markets around our hotel in Taichung so that we can find our way to feast easily. It's all within walk distance. I am kind of worried of my menses.

Had a bad omen about it. My best friend didn't visit me on time and yet feel like it is visiting me soon during my holidays. If it's true then FML. Hopefully best friend visit later after I'm back from holiday (pray hard). Otherwise, I will not be able to go hot-spring that I wish to go for ages. I love hot bath in a tub! How nice and relaxing (imagining). Really hope that my best friend would spare my life. Let me enjoy after so long of hard work and I will not be able to enjoy anytime before I graduate! Grrrrr!!!

I'm drooling for Taiwan food already! Wanna shop like mad!

Kinda anxious for tomorrow's flight. My 1st overseas trip ever.

Last night did my nails.
Theme: Sweet Paris (thumb by Easy Nail Art Stamps) with ribbons and lace stickers.

Like this design so much. Another thing to feel proud of myself. Muahahahahaha!

Here's the picture and bon voyage to myself! Back to blog when I came back from my trip!

6:33 PM

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