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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

♥ The day before I leave for vacation

Today, been busy with work so that I can finish off my outstanding letters and etc.

Did final research for my trip as well. I'm so proud of myself for planning the itinerary all by myself. At least, I have settled the information for transportation when we reach Taiwan International Airport. No need to feel like a fly not knowing how and where to go. Searched for night markets around our hotel in Taichung so that we can find our way to feast easily. It's all within walk distance. I am kind of worried of my menses.

Had a bad omen about it. My best friend didn't visit me on time and yet feel like it is visiting me soon during my holidays. If it's true then FML. Hopefully best friend visit later after I'm back from holiday (pray hard). Otherwise, I will not be able to go hot-spring that I wish to go for ages. I love hot bath in a tub! How nice and relaxing (imagining). Really hope that my best friend would spare my life. Let me enjoy after so long of hard work and I will not be able to enjoy anytime before I graduate! Grrrrr!!!

I'm drooling for Taiwan food already! Wanna shop like mad!

Kinda anxious for tomorrow's flight. My 1st overseas trip ever.

Last night did my nails.
Theme: Sweet Paris (thumb by Easy Nail Art Stamps) with ribbons and lace stickers.

Like this design so much. Another thing to feel proud of myself. Muahahahahaha!

Here's the picture and bon voyage to myself! Back to blog when I came back from my trip!

6:33 PM

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