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Monday, October 10, 2011

♥ Holiday at Taiwan

Been out of Singapore for about 10 days. Went to Taiwan for holidays. It was amazing.

My first destination was Taichung. I took leave from Wednesday onwards. Took 2 cab to Changi airport at about 2 in the afternoon, checked in and wait for our flight. Went with my dear dear and his parents. Reach Taoyuan International Airport at about 8.30pm and hired a car to Taichung. Reached there about 11pm and had problem finding our booked hotel. Took another taxi from Taichung locals and found the location however, later found out that our place to stay was at another location where near Fengchia University and night market. It was kind of a homestay without a family. Only us 4 person will be staying there in a shophouse-like apartment. The rooms were comfy but the bathroom was kind of disappointment. When we settled down with our luggage, we went downstairs for food. Fengchia night market opens till 1 midnight! Can you believe it? At 1st, we were worried about our dinner and yet we had them within our doorsteps. At a lot of night market snacks there. I also had stinky preserved beancurd which I have never dream that I would eat them. I had my virgin bite on the stinky beancurd which taste nice in your mouth not around your nose. I really can't believe I ate them. It was really nice!

We stayed in Taichung for the next 3 days for our photoshooting session with La Fatte Wedding. It was a good experience. I didn't do good in the shooting session. I was nervous. I just couldn't smile properly. And the worst thing is I can't smile with my teeth seen. I am not photogenic at all. I need specific angle to look pretty. We went to a flower garden, a motel (famous in Taichung) to take the photos. Spent an additional $700 other than the photo shooting for the entrance fees and etc.

The motel there was nice. Suitable only for couples because there ain't a divider for the shower and toilet bowl. There's a jacuzzi for 2, private swimming pool and a very big dressing mirror. The bed was comfy too! They say the motel is for people who want to have some "privacy" with their lovers. You guys should get what I mean here. I will want to try to stay there for one night. Just one night will do because it's expensive.

After the all day long of photo shooting, we change our accommodation to a better hotel. It was also near Fengchia night market. We settle put dinner there every night. Think of the snacks there made me hungry.

The next day, we went to La Fatte to choose our picture. It was a disappointment as we took 400 over pictures but we only can choose 30 of the 400. It made us emo. All those other pretty pictures need to be discarded. Everything is money and cents when you request for more soft copy of the photos. We spent another day there filtering our photos. After all the trouble, we went to take train to Taipei directly. At 1st, I planned to go Kaohsiung but end up dropping the idea. Took the High Speed Railway to Taipei and change to MRT to Ximen Station. We stayed at Ximending for the remaining days.

We went to Danshui, Jiufen, Taipei 101, Shihlin night market, Longshan Temple and Keelung. Buy and eat all the way.

I also manage to go Modern Toilet cafe and Hello Kitty Sweets cafe. The food there was not bad. Hello Kitty Sweets was good yet expensive.

It was an unforgettable trip. Post some of the photos to share with you guys.

6:43 PM

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