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Thursday, October 13, 2011

♥ Tart

Today, my colleague talk nonsense again. He asked this question all of sudden:

Him: Do you like to eat tarts?
Me: What sort of tarts?
Him: Any tarts like egg tarts?
Me: Chocolate tarts and egg tarts. Why?
Him: Just asking. Are you a tart?
Me: Huh? No?!
Him: Really?
Me: No.
Him: You know what is the meaning of tart or not?
Me: Erm, short form of retard?
Him: *laughs* No, it's T. A .R. T.

I quickly google for dictionary. And found a few definition of the word. Then answer revealed.

Tart is not just the food that we ate. It also mean prostitute or slut and some other synonyms. 1 word has got so many meaning in it which can fool people around. Amazing!

Luckily, I answered NO! Or else I would be a laughing stock for him. He failed to fool me and yet I learned something new. he even taught me that American use tart to describe a prostitute or slut.

I can say that my this colleague is smart. However, he is too lazy and he likes to fool around. So, it's kind of wasted. He is so wasted.

Sometimes, it's good to have someone like him in office. Office won't be full of boredom other than working.


6:21 PM

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