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Thursday, November 17, 2011

♥ I am tired?!

Ever since school start, I have been feeling unhappy, stress, tired and miserable for some reason which yet to discovered by me. The lessons aren't too tough right now but I can't absorb much of the things taught by the lecturers. I feel like a useless person somehow when my course mate who aren't in the legal industry able to remember what the lecturer taught.

I don't know how long more these feelings will going to bug me. Maybe it's still the beginning that I feel so and maybe after I am more familiar to my current situation and used to it I will be fine. This is what I hoped ever since then.

I kinda hate myself for feeling insecure most of the time. I felt lost.

I have been trying to cheer up myself in many ways. Reading manga and laugh by myself amused me a lot, that's the way I de-stress myself now. However, it doesn't seem to be working all the time and I need to did more nice an interesting manga so that I can continue to do so.

Wanted to go to sing but don't know when I will have the chance an the right people to sing with. I miss those days during secondary school where we go sing karaoke with my classmates and the 1st time my friend celebrate my birthday with me. I really miss those days. My 1st birthday celebration that planned by my friends.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I don't feel excited at all. Maybe it's because I'm not with my family and friends this year. Oh my god! My tears are over-flowing! I miss them! Trying to control my tears in the train now. I look pathetic now. I'm looking forward to the dinner this Saturday since tomorrow I have to attend class.

Happy Birthday to myself!!

Here's some pictures to cheer up myself and my post.

Picture of my self motivating during the time I was bored in class (I love cute things!)

And there's the hard boiled egg my dear prepare for my Chinese Lunar Birthday. I don't even remember that it was my lunar birthday then till my mummy asked my sis to remind me to at least boil some eggs.

And not to left out, 11.11.11 which will happen only once in a thousand tears. Dear gave me a surprise! I wasn't expecting anything from him and when I received the present, I feel so loved.

End here. I did cheered up a bit till end of this post. See ya!

10:59 PM

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