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Friday, December 2, 2011

♥ 2 December 2011

It's been so long after my last post!

Been really busy with my studies and work. Plus outing with my dear.

Had received our photos frm Lafatte Wedding. Dear uploaded all the photos in his Facebook page. Should I upload in my own Facebook page too? I love all the pictures taken. Will upload some that I especially like here at the end of the post.

Studying and working at the same time really give me some headaches. I can say that I cannot remember the terms and cases properly. That is a taboo to study law. I need to make space in my brain so that I can fit in more studies information. Should have started my assignments before too late! I have about 1 month to finish them up! At least I started to collect newspaper cutting. But it seems that I have totally no idea how to start off. That's very bad you know?

My birthday!! Yea, already passed. Not fun seriously. Passed my birthday in class. Dear prepared a birthday cake for me with 2 big 1 small candle and say I will be forever 21 although it was my 22 birthday. So sweet of him. Another thing is birthday wishes. Thanks to Facebook so that most of the people remember my birthday and sent me regards. Other than that totally moody! Had more disappointment when it comes to food part. How much I love good and nice food and end up not enjoying at all when we went to eat buffet at a restaurant at The Central. Everything need to queue long long. The food is average but expensive for why they had. Oyster, crab and drinks need to wait and queue. Not up to the standard of what we paying for. Definitely won't go there any more. I swear!! Dear was on bad mood too! That made me more sad!

Up till now, I am still emo because I didn't get to enjoy good food yet!!!!

Time to upload my pictures!


5:40 PM

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