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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

♥ End of 2011 Start of 2012

It's been really long since the last time I post an entry to my lousy blog.

Let's start from Christmas. Christmas 2011 is not that interesting as we didn't do anything special or so. We did go out to 112 Katong Mall for dinner on the eve and had sukiyaki. Later, we then go to Marina Bay Sands to shop for my Christmas present and my dear's Christmas present at Louis Vuitton. I got a multi-color monogram zippy coin wallet and dear got a belt. We walked around snap some pictures and then went home. On the 25th we did nothing much. We went back to Marina Bay Sands to exchange my wallet as the zip handle came off. Later, went for expensive lunch and went home. Hmmm... Later, we had dinner at friend's house cooked by a future chef who is the host of the dinner. Dinner was good.

As for New Year's eve, I got dressed up and went to 112 Katong Mall to wait my dear end work and later go Ding Tai Fung to eat. He bought a Mont Blanc pen as it was his last day doing temp job for Cortina. one of the side dish from the restaurant was awesome! The beef slice!! So tender and juicy! Xiao long Bao is okok la. Coz KL got 1 dimsum restaurant's Xiao long Bao taste better and it's a lot cheaper. We also had a dish something like wanton with vinegar. That was nice too! Went home after that.

On New Year day, we went to Suntec City. I forgotten why we went there. To do what? Seriously can't remember. Brain damaged after trying to memorize what I studied in class. I only remembered that we had a great brunch at Seoul Yummy! Their Ginseng chicken soup is awesome! Dear had spicy seafood soup. Their kimchi is refillable. The side dish cold beancurd was nice too but the portion a bit too small. The restaurant is very cozy and has got the theme of autumn. Can see a huge maple tree in the middle of the restaurant. I definitely will go there again. Their set lunch considered affordable. Then we went to Vivo city. I cannot remember why we went there. I only know we had ice-cream at Häägen Daz. Memory getting bad. Seriously bad!!!! Oh yea, I bought a BEBE T-shirt.

Here's some awesome photos.

6:41 PM

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